Makerspace Budget Worksheet

Over the last ten years I’ve built three successful (and widely different) makerspaces. I’ve gained insight into purchasing for and outfitting these spaces by making mistakes and finding out what works. This free worksheet solves a common problem that many people looking to build a makerspace encounter right off the bat.

After answering countless questions at conferences and in consulting sessions, I decided to make a simple, easy to use resource to help others. Anyone familiar with spreadsheets can use this worksheet to select their own tools and purchase them. Just plug the quantity of the thing in that you want and out comes a budget.

The sheet includes hundreds of machines and consumable items, purchase links, prices (which may vary for you), and brand choices. It covers general tools, woodworking, metal working, electronics, textiles, computers, 3D printers, vacuum formers, laser cutters, and CNC routers.

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