Quick Link Drop – Where I'm Getting My News These Days

Quick Link Drop – Where I'm Getting My News These Days

There’s a lot of information (and misinformation) flying around right now, so I wanted to share the sources I’ve been using for my news, and explain a little what each source is providing me. My basic criteria are that the information provided must be even-keeled, even-handed, and provide insight not only in where we are at, but also, where we are heading.

Without further ado:

Bing’s Covid Tracker

Great way to zoom in and out on the current outbreak using a map, and to find relational news stories attuned to the granularity that you’re currently viewing.

CDC Coronavirus Updates Page

Trustworthy source of information for how to protect yourself, what to do if you think that you’re sick, and other data that you can pass on to people close to you who might have concerns about what’s currently happening or how to proceed.

Nassim Taleb (on Twitter)

Taleb has generally been spot on and forward-thinking when it comes to what’s currently happening, and how to think about the outbreak from a probabilistic perspective.

The Indicator Podcast

Although it’s not the most important thing happening right now, paying attention to how people are working and how the economy is currently being affected is important. The Indicator is a <10 minute briefing about just that.

NPR’s The Coronavirus Daily

Great, short podcast (~10 minutes) that updates you on what’s happened each day regarding the outbreak. I use this in lieu of watching longer-format news.

Local NPR Station

Fairly obvious for anyone interested in local news that’s provided in an even-handed, logical format. I tend to keep this limited, as the information overload can be overwhelming.

The Browser

Art is still important these days, too! The Browser shares some of the most interesting links that often have more oblique relationships to what’s currently happening. Gives you a good way to think outside of the box.