Session 7 – FIRST Robotics in Education and Community Representation with Jackie Moore

Blurb for the episode below. Jackie moved her FIRST Robotics team, the Chicago Knights, to the Idea Realization Lab at DePaul last year and since then, I’ve been able to witness some of the amazing things she does every day. I had a really great time with this interview and hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed the conversation.

In this podcast session I talk with Jackie Moore, Chicago Knights FIRST Robotics team founder and coach, makerspace organizer, Chicago Southside Mini Maker Faire organizer, educator, and many, many other things. Jackie and I sit down to talk about the philosophy behind making — and making with other people — and what that means about how we can learn from each other. That, and much more, on session 7 of This Should Work.

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