DePaul + Caterpillar Maker Certification

A few years ago my friend Jay Babin and I started tossing around the idea of bringing some of the work that I’ve been doing at DePaul to Caterpillar’s new Innovation Center. After a lot of figuring, we landed on a certification program run through DePaul’s Professional Development department in “Thinking through Making.” This Summer, I had the pleasure of teaching this certification to Caterpillar employees on their Mossville campus.

The certification covered design thinking for digital fabrication, IOT, and digital-physical objects. It also covered something I’ve taken to calling “systems tinkering,” which is the idea that in order to understand a system one must actively engage with it, take it apart, and put it back together.

The program resulted in the creation of three really cool digital-physical projects that I can’t go into detail on. Here’s a piece on the whole thing in DePaul’s Newsline.

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