Chicago Southland Mini Maker Faire, Year 3

Yet another successful year of Southland Mini Maker Faire comes to a close, and as it does, I’m left reflecting on what makes our events tick. The success we’ve seen over the last three years comes down to, I think, three things:

1. Great exhibitors. I’m constantly told during our events that the hands-on exhibits are a favorite, and that anything that shows people new possibilities in technology and crafting gets them excited. More hands-on exhibits will continue to make this a successful event.

2. Great venue. Between the floor layout and the overall atmosphere of the Pipefitters Local 597 Training Center, we have a great place to host a Maker Faire. Something different that we did this year was create a floor layout that encouraged people to walk about, visit, and explore the event.

3. Excellent volunteer force and sponsors. The people who pitch in to make this event happen, aside from the Pipefitters, are just fantastic. Ozinga handles the sponsorship for our event, the Village of Mokena is gracious as usual in helping us make things happen, Microsoft’s help this year was key, and Jim Richmond and Tim Ozinga are excellent co-leaders in making this excellent event happen throughout the year. This is not to mention the many many other volunteers who keep the event running smoothly through the day of.

Anyway, there are so many other things that I can write on, but these are the three things that stick out. Here are some pictures of the event this year!

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