DePaul Teaching Commons: The Philosophy of Making Workshop

Systems have become complex. Hard to navigate. As a result, it’s incredibly difficult to discern how the things around us work. This problem — not knowing how things work — has led to a symptom we’re all aware of: mistrusting the real. We question scientific facts (like the earth being round), well-regarded and verified information, even the sincerity of others. In other words, we are questioning reality itself. And it’s very easy to dismiss and deride these symptoms until we realize that they are part of a broader problem: people not having access to the information, knowledge, and ways of thinking that allows them to trust the systems around them. Systems, then, are part of the unknowable to your average student. And one of the greatest human fears is the fear of the unknown… instead of scratching below the surface and digging into the unknown, we build on top of it.

Here are the slides from a presentation I’ve been working on for a long time: The Philosophy of Making. I would highly recommend downloading and checking out the speaker notes as well.

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