IRL Yearly Review

From the report:

The Idea Realization Labs are DePaul’s student-led makerspaces created to initiate collaboration and creativity through hands-on learning. Our nickname “The IRL” is also known to stand for “In Real Life,” which represents our desire to teach and connect to physical processes. Our equipment and materials provide resources for our patrons to explore new skills, expand their knowledge, and supplement university education. We strive to build community and offer alternate methods of learning as we encourage students of all majors to build, problem-solve, and work together.

As the IRL progresses, we see many wonderful effects on the DePaul community. Confidence, understanding, innovation, and a love for learning are just a few. We put in the effort to teach our visitors and learn from them in return. We hope our guests carry the spirit of the Idea Realization Labs with them to manifest the values in whatever futures they find themselves in.

You can read the full 2019-2020 IRL Annual Report here.

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