My Thingiverse Profile

My Thingiverse Profile

### We just got a new 3D printer…

at SpaceLab. An [XYZprinting Da Vinci 1.0 3D Printer](, to be exact. And so naturally, the first thing I designed for it to print needed to be SpaceLab related. A keychain!

Some things I learned in the process:

* If you have a Mac, want access to some fantastic software, and don’t have $1,000 kicking around, then the [Rhinoceros Mac beta]( is for you. It’s totally free, assumedly while the beta goes on. Normal pricetag for this is over $1,000.
* Printing, particularly lettering, works best at around a 2″ or greater build volume. At least on the Da Vinci, at 100 microns, decent print resolution works in that range.
* If you’re unsure if the size of your designed object will work, print it out on paper at scale first, then cut it out to get a really good visualization.
* I’d never published something to Thingiverse before, but as of a day online, my design has already received several downloads and likes. This seems to be a great way to share designs and get noticed.

![SpaceLab Real Keychain](

If you’d like to check out the keychain design, and any of my future objects, head on over to my [Thingiverse profile](

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