BFA Industrial Design

Along with Nate Matteson, Terry Steinbach, and Eric Landahl, I created and co-chair the new BFA in Industrial Design at DePaul University. In addition to focus on the creation of traditional objects, this degree takes a unique approach to Industrial Design through the lens of embedded, interconnected systems.

Here’s the degree description from our homepage:

The BFA in Industrial Design (ID) will appeal to hands-on, tangible learners who will complete the program with a significant portfolio that reflects their potential. Studio format courses cover specific materials, processes, and fabrication techniques. A substantial number of technical courses in science and math plus computer-aided design/manufacturing/engineering (CAD/CAM/CAE) develops skills to draw, create, and interact with objects. Traditional art and design-allied fields are represented with courses in drawing, graphic design, and experience design. A unique aspect of this program is its emphasis on designing embedded objects requiring the student to also study computer hardware and software. Unlike traditional programs in industrial design, CDM’s ID program includes marketing, management and sustainability classes.

Industrial designers work as either entrepreneurs or on established teams in larger companies. Students create under the constraints of what is possible and practical using established manufacturing techniques. Our curriculum addresses designing, making and scaling through an iterative process from prototyping to large-scale manufacturing. 

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