Friday links and objects of interest – 3/31/23

Welcome to our first version of a Friday post released the following Thursday, but pre-dated for last Friday. Make sense?

This week we’re talking ammunition, disconnection, and AI alignment.

— A cool 6-channel stereo mixer with built-in equalizer, filters, compressor, aux send, cue and digital effects that can also be used as a multi-functional USB audio interface.

— A TikTok data center has shut down ammunition production in Norway.

— How might you clone yourself using AI? Well, now the answer is here and it’s pretty disturbing.

— A blog post about bicycles and physics, with several interactive graphics to demonstrate one of the most complex (and still mystifying) interactions between man and machine.

— Pick a number, any number… GPT tricks a human in one of the simplest games ever made.

— There’s a vast amount of information out there on prompting techniques for AI, but I hadn’t seen it all in one spot until I found this repository.

— What prevents invention? Perhaps it’s a lack of imagination, instead of a lack of access to technology.

— AI writing laws? Why not. It’s already writing contracts. Karl Schroeder wrote about something similar in Lady of Mazes. AIs that act as representatives of competing interests. Here’s a blog post that suggests AI could write our laws.

— I like the cut of this author’s jib — no social media profiles, living in the middle of nowhere.

— Meissler asks an interesting question here: how do we talk to AI once it wakes up? Import alignment.