Friday links and objects of interest – 4/14/23


— Daniel Suarez has a great series of sci-fi books I’ve been catching up on. The first book in the series, Delta-V, is excellent and I’d highly recommend it. I got into Suarez’s work back when I read Daemon and then Freedom(TM), and can say it’s highly influenced my work and thinking.

Rhythm affects everything from language to health. Rhythm is built into our nervous system. It’s critical to nearly everything.

— Calling all gamers and music lovers! The Super Mario Bros theme song has made history by being the first video game song to be archived by Congress.

— If you’re a fan of Steve Jobs, then you’ll love this new book that features some of his most choice quotes from his early-20s onward.

— It’s a guy riding a tiny bicycle!

— This might seem a bit boring, but for me, hinted at some interesting implications. When we talk about carbon capture, we often talk about creating the technology to enable that capture. But what if we thought of plants as carbon capture devices? Which, I mean, of course they are.

— When I teach game design, I often find myself talking about information, both hidden and revealed. Chess is a game of perfect information.

— Watch car mats being made. It’s mesmerizing.

— More problems with feral hogs. This time, in Texas. I’m telling you, this is going to be a thing!

— An interview profile of the guy behind the excellent Twitter account: Dril.