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Monday Musing on Insight – 3/20/23

A successful new theoretical idea typically alters and extends the existing body of theory to allow for observational facts that could not previously be understood or incorporated. It also makes possible new predictions that can some day be tested. Almost always, the novel idea includes…

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Friday links and objects of interest – 3/17/23

This Friday link dump includes new tools, old stories, and a pretty good critique of AI. I’ve been thinking about how to mix the new and old a lot lately — something we might think of as keeping one eye on the past while another…

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Monday Musing on the Sony Walkman – 3/13/23

Sometimes our expectations of what a thing is, or rather, what it should be blind us to the possibilities of what it could become. These expectations can prevent us from understanding the true potential of an object, and lead us to miss out on opportunities…

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Friday links and objects of interest – 3/10/23

This week I’m mixing it up by bucketing our links in four different categories: read, watch, objects, how-tos. Read on for more on Ferris wheels, new Playdate games, and how to build a web server that only uses solar power. Read — Paul Graham is…

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Monday Musing on Making Makerspaces – 3/6/23

I often get asked: What are some resources where I can learn about makerspaces in higher education, in my K-12 institution, or just in general? So! Here’s a short toolkit for educational makerspace leaders that includes list of things I’ve collected, written about, and read…

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Friday links and objects of interest – 3/3/23

I’ve been thinking about how the Internet was and is lately. By was, I mean late 90s and early 2000’s, by is I mean now. There was a creative explosion in the “was” times. Twitter bots, Flash videos on Homestar Runner, even early Facebook.  …

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Monday musing on making and play – 2/27/23

The way we look at the world is influenced by our experiences and preconceptions. We use them to understand something new and to develop perspective. In doing so, we synthesize information from one context to inform another.   The experiences that I often find myself…

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Friday Links and Objects of Interest – 2/24/23

This week we have quite a few readings on AI, because, well it’s experiencing an explosion of growth around the world. Another thing that seems to be seeing its day in the sun is one of my favorite topics — object oriented ontology. Lots of…

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Monday musing on 808s and transistors – 2/20/23

Developing real, tangible things is a messy process where one must listen to, and work with, the material they have available to them. By allowing the materials to lead the process of development, we embed their imperfections and constraints into our designs, which subsequently influences…

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Friday Links and Objects of Interest – 2/17/23

I fell off the habit horse toward the beginning of the week, but got back on and came back hard in the second half. This week’s list is a strange mix of curiosities, stories, and things I’m tinkering with — there’s no particular theme because…

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