Belief requires trust and wonder. But, what happens when you’ve lost both?

It seems like we’re in a time where both trust and wonder are at an all time low. Social media and fragmented networks have caused us to be more mistrustful and suspicious of each other. And yet, we’ve never needed trust and wonder more.

It’s really easy to be cynical, to be skeptical, and to be mistrustful. Comfortable, too, to be surrounded by ideas and other things that reinforce how you think the world works. Hard to see how it’s useful, though. No matter how much you want to cut wood against the grain, the real world always pushes back — your preconceptions are hardly ever correct.

Best instead to look for optimism. Something productive you can do with yourself and your time to help others. Build a community garden, or go serve people at a local church. Do Something.

Trust and wonder follows optimism. Optimism builds towards a future. I’m not sure what the alternative does.