Friday links and objects of interest – 3/10/23

This week I’m mixing it up by bucketing our links in four different categories: read, watch, objects, how-tos. Read on for more on Ferris wheels, new Playdate games, and how to build a web server that only uses solar power.


— Paul Graham is one of the co-founders of Y Combinator. Here, he talks about the perils of running a company on a manager’s schedule vs. a maker’s schedules. The short of it is that managers organize their days around meetings, while makers organize their days around large chunks of creative time. How do you keep your company creative?

— Great inspiration for writers, as well as some exposition on how to develop a classic MacGuffin in literature. How Tolkien invented the One Ring.

The invention of the Ferris wheel was a major engineering achievement unveiled at the Chicago World Festival. Here, we learn about its inspiration, innovation, and development.

— Why do kids always seem mysteriously warmer than adults? Why are we cold during some season, but not in others, when the temperature is the same? This mystery has an answer.


— Elephants executing what amounts to a shakedown on trucks carrying sugar cane.


— For those of you who know my love of alternative game platforms, I’ve been enamored with the growth of Panic’s Playdate. They just released a game update which looks really promising.

— Something to read this week if you’re interested in speculative fiction and design. Suarez wrote one of my favorite book series (Daemon and Freedom (TM)). This series starting with Delta V is equally awesome.


— How to build a solar powered server. A bit much for where I’m currently at in life, but interesting nonetheless.

— I love checklists. They’re how I manage my daily work, as well as quarterly + yearly goals. Here are eight other checklists beyond the standard one that you should keep. I’ve started keeping a “where to eat” one.

— Here’s a great superuser tutorial on how to use tools like ChatGPT and other AIs.