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Monday musing on 808s and transistors – 2/20/23

Developing real, tangible things is a messy process where one must listen to, and work with, the material they have available to them. By allowing the materials to lead the process of development, we embed their imperfections and constraints into our designs, which subsequently influences…

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Friday Links and Objects of Interest – 2/17/23

I fell off the habit horse toward the beginning of the week, but got back on and came back hard in the second half. This week’s list is a strange mix of curiosities, stories, and things I’m tinkering with — there’s no particular theme because…

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Monday musing on innovation – 2/13/23

Everything around us is magic, and nobody knows how things work. From the phones in our pockets, to the cars that ferry us around, to our systems of government, all of the critical things that have changed the way we think, work, and play are…

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Monday musing on design and understanding – 2/6/23

Tim Ingold describes thinking through making — a concept he interrlates with design — as a line that meanders, much like a donkey following its own path. Conversely, design has been described (through design thinking) as a straight line toward achieving some objective or solving…

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Friday links and objects of interest – 2/3/23

Lately, I’ve been working on a blueprint for what I’m thinking of broadly as “innovation spaces.” That is, physical spaces that support innovation. This is tricky, because any physical space is necessarily located within a community — whether that’s a company, a school, a town,…

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Monday musing on electric outlets – 1/30/23

Hacakday posted a piece a while back about the creation of the electrical outlet and how it came to the form factor that we know today. What’s most interesting about this piece is how the mixture of market forces and arbitrary aesthetic opinions come to…

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